Saturday, March 9, 2013

First posting!!

March 9th 2013.

I wanted a place to talk about all the books I have read and are reading now. I feel like books are such an amazing place everyone should be able to hear about all the different kind of books that are out there. Ever have the problem of going to the book store and you just see all these amazing books and have no idea were to start.. well I want to be the one to fix that. I want to open up your eyes of all the amazing books that are out there to read.

So a little about me then.. I am 23. A book lover. Happily married to a man that understands my book obsession. Have a cat. I am a hard working women. Want to start working out -but sometimes the books are so hypnotizing I end up just staying home and reading, ever get that problem? My biggest dream is to become something in the justice system whether it is a lawyer, investigator etc etc... other dream is to be a writer. I would love to be able to write my own young adult series like all of the authors I love. To have a book I have written become a movie. A perfect day would be sitting on my patio over looking some kind of ocean/beach writing and reading all day. With no worries of anything. No money issues. Bills always paid. Listening to my family enjoying there lives. Having glasses of wine. The smell of the ocean always filling my house. A perfect day I long to have some day. 

So I hope that this will help you in finding your next great read. And help me to share all the wonderful journeys I have been on through my reading, because "I do not want to just read books; I want to climb inside them and live there."